How to Clean Your Tassimo Brewer

The Tassimo beverage system is one precious kitchen appliance that you have to take care of very well. With the use of the Tassimo T discs, this revolutionary brewer can prepare a variety of hot beverages like coffee, tea, hot chocolate, latte and cappuccino.

The Tassimo beverage system is one of the single serving brewers that are currently trending. It can brew a cup of your favorite hot drink in just about a minute. And with the use of the T discs, brewing is done more conveniently and without a mess. But the maintenance of every brewer requires it to be properly cleaned to make it last longer.

The removable parts of a Tassimo brewer are actually dishwasher safe except for the water storage. They can also be hand washed if you would prefer to do that. The machine is supplied with a re-usable cleaning disc upon purchase. It is widely recommended that this disc should be inserted in the machine every seven days. And another precaution would be that the bar code reader should be cleaned with a damp soft cloth. Regarding the descaling of the brewing machine, there is a full and more detailed instruction in the manual of your Tassimo brewer.

The Tassimo brewer is known for making perfectly brewed cup of hot beverages using a barcode system. The machine is able to identify what drink the T disc will make and adjusts its brewing parameters to be able to perfectly brew your chosen T disc. It adjusts brewing time, water temperature and amount of water according to the barcode. You would definitely love every cup and in return, you should be able to properly take care of your own Tassimo coffee maker.

With these cleaning tips, you will be able to properly maintain the good performance of your Tassimo brewer. This brewer is really convenient and easy to use and is perfect for the entire family and even to guests. With the number of drinks it can prepare and with the barcode system it uses in brewing, you will definitely enjoy every freshly brewed cup.