Best Golf Balls – Selecting The Right Ones

Beginner golfers often have a hard time determining the best golf balls to use.  Many beginners do not even realize that there is indeed a difference in balls.  The difference in terms of performance can be significant.

If you are a golfer and not quite sure how to choose the best golf ball to use, then here are a few tips on the compression rate of balls.  A golf ball compression rate is basically how firmly it has been wound together.  Below are the main compression rates of golf balls.  Being aware of these rates will help you determine, which ones will best suit your specific needs.  However, do remember these are only tips to help guide you in your selecting process and nothing is concrete.

Rating 80 compression balls.  Balls with this rating are the softest.  These are the balls that are most often favored by the novice golfer.  Perhaps the major reason is because they will get greater distance from these balls than the other ones.  Often a new golfer has a slower swing than a more seasoned golfer.  This ball fits well with someone who possesses this style, which is why elderly and women golfers often choose these balls.

Rating 90 compression balls.  This category of golf balls is basically the middle range.  Balls in this category will provide more control for the golfer; however keep in mind that in terms of distance it will be a little less.

Rating 100 compression balls.  These balls have the distinction of being the hardest balls manufactured.  Those who choose to use these balls will need a fast swing to get the same amount of distance, as you might get with other balls.  The pros often use these balls.  The reason is that using these balls affords them the greatest amount of control.  Control is indeed important in golf, especially for pros.

Every golfer is different in terms of their style and needs.  A great way to choose the best golf balls for your own personal style is to buy a few from each category rating and then do some testing with your own set of men or ladies golf clubs.