Find Cheap Motorhomes and RVs Save 1000s on your Next RV: Here’s How

Finding cheap motorhomes is not all that difficult.  They’re really a all over the place, just like cheap used cars, but sometimes we get sick of waiting around and spending so much time driving all around town to look at the great deals.  So here are some ways to save some serious cash when buying from a dealer.  If you do it right, you’ll find that you can get just as great of a deal from a dealer as from any other place.

1 – Don’t shop when everyone else is.  This is the simple notion of supply and demand, the more people that want the same RVs, the higher the price is going to climb.  So, shop in the off season.  Dealers get pretty hungry when their last paycheck was a month away.  The other option you have is to shop during June and July.  Manufacturers typically change out their models during those months, so dealers are anxious to get rid of their current supply so they can bring in the newest RVs and they are ready to talk deals.

2 – Act like (and be able to) you are willing to walk away at any minute if the dealer can’t give you what you’re asking.  You don’t have to buy from the first person you talk to, and you don’t even have to buy after you have taken up much of the sales person’s time.  But they understand the loyalty you feel to them for spending the time with you, so they usually use that to their advantage in getting you to buy.  However, you can use that to your advantage, because if you are really serious about buying what they have and you want to make a deal, they will know and will be willing to come much closer to what you are asking than you may expect.  Just tell them what you want and wait for them to offer it.  You may be surprised at how cheap your next cheap RV ends up being.