Sassy water diet

If you search the Internet had enough you will find a diet which includes the consumption of one sort of food or another. The Lemon diet is one of those diets which has become very popular these days because of celebrity endorsements. But another diet, which is much stranger, is the sassy water diet. The sassy water diet was initially developed by a nutrition director of a magazine as it was a part of the flat belly diet program. The diet, like any other, is designed to flush out toxins from your system as well accelerate weight loss. It has a jumpstart plan of four days. In the first four days, you should drink a full recipe of sassy water. This is a combination of ginger, cucumber, lemon, water and mint.

According to the inventor of the flat belly plan as well as the sassy water diet, this special concoction should help you jumpstart the detoxification process. In the first month you should lose up to 15 pounds.
Does it really work?

For every diet, you need to know whether it works or not before you commit yourself. The sassy water is designed to be consumed on the first four days of the flat belly program. The flat belly program involves only eating 1600 calories a day. You should focus your diet on fruits, vegetables and whole grain. This also helps with good bowel movement. This is a very unique diet because it involves having at least one serving of mono-unsaturated fat at every meal.

This can be in form of avocado, seeds, nuts or dark chocolate. You should have your meals every four hours so as to ensure proper digestion.  This also helps keep your energy levels up. The ingredients in the sassy water help curb your appetite and improve digestion. You need to have 8 to 10 cups of sassy water every day for the first four days. Sassy water diet also helps prevent constipation and bloating. You need to expect changes in your body because you are on a low-calorie diet and water based foods for four straight days. You will suddenly be deprived of caffeine, sugars, meat as well as carbohydrates.