How to Create Easy Piano Worksheets for Your Students

Piano worksheets are similar to the ordinary worksheets we came across in class of any subject we had in school. They are simply activity sheets that help us review and practice a recent lesson. Since almost all educational institutions have music subjects included in their curriculum, music worksheets were made available, too.

A specific type of music worksheet is a piano worksheet, which is obviously designed to cater to written reviews and practices for piano lessons. Those who are not familiar with piano worksheets can’t envision what they look like and what their contents include, simply because when we say piano lesson, it automatically gives us a notion that the activities are done in the practice and actual playing of the instrument. In piano lessons for beginners, students are taught the basic theories and fundamentals on how to play the piano.

Music notes, chords, and note values are very important subjects taught during beginning piano lessons. Students must be able to master these subjects so that they can eventually read, understand, and play piano pieces with ease. All the concepts in a piano lesson are comparable to language, art, and mathematics, primarily because music notes, chords, and piano theories are like a specific language that needs thorough in-depth understanding, proper structure, and dedicated practice to execute properly. Meanwhile, other concepts like the major and minor scales are similar to drawing in art class; whereas note values and intervals give the students a rundown of mathematics because of the involvement of principles like adding and subtracting.

Piano worksheets allow students to become familiar with and practice all these basic concepts before playing the instrument. Now, for those who want to learn how to create easy piano worksheets, here are some guidelines:

First, keep in mind that it is easier to teach a beginner if he or she is familiar with the teaching method. Try not to complicate things for your students. Matching types and multiple choices are common for beginners. Second, use diagrams so that your students will become more familiar with the structure and placing of notes on actual piano keys. In fact, some children can memorize concepts easily through images. Third, make the last page of the piano worksheet a copy of a beginner piano piece that has all the concepts from the worksheets and lesson.

Giving out regular piano worksheets to students toward the end of each session improves their mastery and knowledge of the subject. These worksheets will serve as take-home assignments so that before the day ends and before the day starts the next day, all the lessons the children have absorbed will be refreshed and memorized more concretely.