Really Weird Animals Around The World

The world is full of weird animals – it is part of what makes it so much fun to explore. There are two types of strange animals; naturally born animals that just happen to be a little kooky and those that are weird because something went wrong – two tails, extra paws, multiple heads. The latter group makes up the smallest category of strange rare animals, although climate change and pollution may increase the number of abnormalities.

What are some of the more interesting and fun weird animals in the world? Some of the most unique ones are the red panda, the leafy seadragon, and the komondor dog. What makes them so different?

The red panda is generally found in China and Nepal, and appears to be a cross between the weasel, skunk and raccoon families. The limbs and bottom half of the panda is very dark in color while the top half of the body is much redder, which allows it to blend in with the trees. It has a long tail that is two-thirds the size of its body. The face and tail make it look a lot like a raccoon and it sleeps in a similar position.

The leafy seadragon looks just like a piece of seaweed as it drifts along in the water. They have green, gold and orange coloring and except for the occasional movement of their fins or an eye they blend are well camouflaged. Found mostly in Australia, and protected by that country’s government they are known as the Australian seahorse.

Another weird animal is the komondor, which is a large livestock guarding dog. It resembles a mop on legs with long, white, dense dreadlock type cords covering the body. Despite this, it is very fast and agile. It is a loyal dog and fiercely guards the herd, defending it from wolves, coyotes or other predators.

These are just a few of the very weird animals that make the world so wonderful. There are so many more to explore!