Big Blue Water Filters – High Quality, Reliable Filtration

Big Blue water filters are a household name in most parts of the country, and are known to be reliable and well built, giving an economical, simple way to filter water. Many people filter water because they do not believe that the quality of the water coming from the mains is good enough for them and their family. Chlorine is commonly found in large quantities and at the very least makes tap water taste strange, if not detrimental to your health in very large quantities. Another reason that people buy water filters for their homes is that the content of the water can contain chemicals that will create deposits that will build up in plumbing and appliances such as a water cooler or square head shower unit, and can damage them and cause unnecessary expensive repairs.

Big Blue water filter pumps are either 10 or 20 inches long, and the Big Blue system will accept any filter cartridge that is 4.5” across. The system allows you to monitor how economically the filter is performing, and is fitted in a bright blue, instantly recognizable housing. The build quality of the Big Blue water purification equipment is continually praised by customers, although often there are some who have difficulty maintaining and fitting their filtration system. The filter is difficult to replace if only one person is working on it, so it is often best to have more than one person helping to save time and effort.

Big Blue water filters are available for every area in the house you could imagine getting water out of – whether it is beneath the sink, for showers, baths and toilets, or just for a drinking tap. Prices are between $50 to $1000 depending on where you want your clean water to be coming from, but it is best to think carefully about why you want filtered water and where. Having purer water could save a lot of money when it comes to plumbing bills when replacing eroded pipes, so it could be a good investment.

The best Big Blue water filters are reliable products with a long life span that is compatible with most types of water filter.  Although you can find less effective products for cheaper prices, you have to balance the return on your investment with the financial outlay.  Most of the time, it makes far more sense to spend a little bit extra fo rthe peace of mind.  However, you have to make the choice between splashing out on the most expensive entire house filtration system and seeing if it pays off in the end, or choosing where having Big Blue is most important in your house.