How to Make Your Vacation during Phuket Holidays a Wonderful Experience

Going to a trip takes a lot of preparation and work. You should be ready and prepared for things that might go out of hand; here are some tips to avoid the worse can happen.

Know your budget

Whether you’re planning to stay in a luxurious hotel or in a budget friendly hotel, you have to know how much you’re willing to spend. It’s all up to you as long as you stick to it. Always remember that you always need to have extra money in your pocket in case of emergency. You are in foreign country so it won’t hurt you if you are prepared for those unforeseeable events.

Book the hotel accommodation in advance

You don’t want to travel all the way to the hotel and ending up without a place to stay because the hotel is already fully booked! A lot of tourist makes this mistake; they think that all hotels always have available room to accommodate them. Hotels are usually fully booked during peak season and this is where the prices are higher than off season. Call the hotel administration and ask for a reservation. Some hotels tend to give their customers a discount if you’ll call them to have a hotel reservation beforehand.

Travel light

Traveling will be such as big hassle when you have a lot of luggage on hand. It would be difficult for you to carry all those especially if you’ve bought a lot of things from your vacation. This might be a problem in the airport if you have exceeded the allotted luggage per each person. Pack only the things that you will really need. You won’t need a raincoat and a boots if it’s 39 degrees outside! Carry clothes that you will wear in different ways to save up the space, making room for your new shopping finds.

Read travel books or surf the net for info about the country you’ll visit

Phuket holidays are truly wonderful experience thus you may not want to miss all the things that this vacation has to offer. There are captivating beaches, mouthwatering dishes and different shopping destination you’ll surely want to visit. The night market is a must see for all shopaholics.

Know their culture

I am not requiring you to speak Thai perfectly (though learning simple words and phrases won’t hurt) but know the important things that you should remember. There are customary accepted and unaccepted behaviors in every country. When visiting the temple men and women are advised to dress appropriately.  Also bargaining in the market is a usual practice but asking for a very unreasonable price markdown is not OK.  Most of the food is spicy so for non-spicy eaters beware before knocking yourself out into a bowl of soup or noodles. Following their customs is a sign of respect. You don’t want to be considered rude or get arrested because of violating law. That would definitely ruin your dreams about Phuket holidays.