A Sleeping Bag Liner Adds More Warmth

The choice of a sleeping bag liner can add more value to your bag. You are also guaranteed lots of protections from abnormally cold weather the moment you make up your mind to include it in your camping equipment.

Sleeping bag liners are produced in different forms and shapes, the category you need depends entirely on the make or shape of your sleeping bag. Some examples are mummy sleeping bag liner which is meant for mummy’s bag, liners for bags that has rectangular shapes and categories of liners for bags with hybrid shapes i.e. bags that doesn’t fall into any of the above categories.

Sleeping bags for liners are manufactured from different materials like silk, nylon and fleece. Fleece sleeping bags seems to be the best because they have the capacity to offer more warmth more that the others. Nylon liners are a bit closer, but do not offer the kind of warmth that can be derived from fleece. Silk sleeping bag liners also has the capacity to produce some considerable levels of warmth, but could be more costly than the others.

However, you will need to pay a closer look at the sleeping bag liners in order to have a feel of the warmth it can offers your sleeping bag. So, you will need to have the knowledge of the camp temperature levels for you to be able to pick the most liner that will fit perfectly. Also, if you are easily affected by cold weather or temperature, then you will also need to bag liner that will supply your expected level of warmth.

Listed below are some bag liners with models and temperature levels:

  • Fleece sleeping bag liner from Coleman Stratus can give up to twelve degree heat
  • 100% Silk sleeping bag (sea to summit brand) can give ten degree of heat
  • 100% Mummy sleeping bag liner by Kelty also give about ten degree level of heat.

Finally, choosing a camping gear depends is based on weight, cost and warmth. If you are carrying around big camping tents to sleep in, weight is probably not an issue and you will likely be able to save money by not needing an ultralight liner.