Understanding & Using AeroGarden Grow Bulbs With Your AeroGarden

At present, an indoor garden is becoming a popular choice for cultivating plants inside one’s home due to insufficient outdoor space or adapting to high-rise urban living without the need to sacrifice one’s love of gardening. To those who are new to this indoor garden concept, they may be intimidated by the idea and find it challenging. But since a lot of people have already embraced and practiced indoor gardening, innovative technologies to support indoor gardening have been established.

A famous gardening technology is aeroponics. Aeroponics is an innovative process of growing plants by only using water, nutrients, and air, obliterating the use of soil. This gardening technology is used to create the AeroGarden, a product or appliance that will serve as the container with a built-in aeroponics system for planting in a controlled indoor setting. Michael Bissonnette, the founder of AeroGrow International Inc., is the person behind the AeroGraden success. Generally, product assembly is no longer needed and the execution of actual plant growing is done when the electronic plug-in is connected. The AeroGraden is claimed to be an optimal indoor gardening kit and best recommended for beginners and growers who seem to be frequently unsuccessful with growing plants.

Aside from the aeroponics, the AeroGarden utilizes the seven-pod growing technology. The pods circulate both water and oxygen over the roots and seeds. This process ensures the optimal nutrition growth and delivery of the plants. The AeroGarden regulates the needed moisture, temperature, nutrients, and most importantly, it stimulates the needed amount of sunlight for the seeds to germinate.

In indoor gardening, the most challenging part is regulating the amount of light for the plant generation. And so, the makers of AeroGarden created the best solution for this dilemma by engineering grow bulbs with optimal intensity and spectrum that can satisfy the high level of light requirement of certain outdoor plants. The AeroGarden grow bulbs have high-intensity compact fluorescents of a unique spectrum and are not interchangeable with other bulbs, according to the AeroGarden customer service information sheet. Also, the grow bulbs are required to be replaced after every six months because the intensity and spectrum of light degrades over time and may affect the production of the plants. AeroGarden replacement grow bulbs and AeroGarden kits can be purchased in all leading garden and hardware shops, in-store and online.

AeroGardens come in a variety of sizes (standard classic, space-saving small size, and deluxe), colors (red, yellow, green, blue), and customized designs.