Location Independent Careers

If you’re tired of the same 9-to-5 office job, you may be wondering how you can leave the cubicles for good, without going broke. Dreaming about a profession that lets you work anywhere in the world is one thing, but many people don’t know what kinds of jobs like this exist.

Here are ten location independent careers that can help you live your dream:


Many websites and blogs will outsource their writers for site content, including About.com, Text Broker and more. If you are a skilled writer, a great researcher and can turn around assignments quickly, one of them may hire you to write articles or blog posts for them. This is also a great option for people looking for part time work or an easy way to make a little extra cash. Nora Dunn, a.k.a. The Professional Hobo, has managed to travel the world while still working as a writer. You can read about her and her lifestyle on her blog.

Web Developer

If you have experience in the field of website development, you may be a great candidate for freelance work. Though completed related coursework is preferred, there are currently no formal educational or licensure requirements to become a web developer.

Communications Consultant

Independent communications consultants can provide a range of services, from writing internal and external communications pieces, digital communications, crisis communications, planning, media relations and more. As with most of these location independent careers, you can communicate with clients via e-mail, Skype or video conferencing.

Graphic Designer

If you’re an experienced graphic designer, it’s certainly possible to make a decent living from anywhere in the world. There are always businesses, musicians, event planners and many more who are in need of professionally-made flyers, logos, etc. You can find clients through your own networking, or try freelancer.com, where can bid on design jobs.

Translation and Language Services

Translation is a popular online job. Bilingual job candidates may become involved in online teaching, call center assistance or interpreting. Nearly every language is included, so if you’re already bilingual, this is a very easy way to make a living!

IT Consultant

When website users are having trouble, their emails and troubleshooting queries are often directed to IT consultants. Working as one of these consultants involves answering emails, and occasionally phone calls, to help users with technical issues on the website.

Online Marketing/Social Media Consultant

If you have experience with marketing through social media like Facebook and Twitter, a business may hire you to manage their accounts on these sites. Many businesses are unsure of how to best communicate to their customers and appreciate the help of someone who is knowledgeable in the area.

Creative Jobs (Musician, Photographer, Etc.)

If you are a photographer, you can make money by taking photos of your travels and selling them. You can also make money by providing photography services to weddings, bands, models, etc.  Musicians can make money through playing local events, touring and selling merchandise.

Online Professor

If you’re a professor, you can make your career location independent by specializing in online learning. You’ll teach and design courses for schools offering them online.

Affiliate Sales

Some websites or companies will pay you for a referred client or sale. For example, Smart Destinations affiliate program allows the site’s owner to get a percentage of whatever Smart Destinations product is purchased.