Military Survival Kits

Military survival kits are a popular choice for many individuals who are looking for a quality kit for emergencies or to keep close during extended travel.  This makes sense, as the natural training and self reliance that gets taught in the military should translate very well to creating a quality bundle of survival gear that can help get through any situation.  The one drawback is that like many things, it’s as much about the experience and ability of the individual as it is what’s in the actual kit.  If you’re looking for the perfect already assembled bit of survival gear, then starting out with a military survival kit is not a bad way to go.

These kits can vary, as there is no one kit fits all situation, and thus there isn’t just one single survival kit that is going to take care of every potential military or wilderness survival situation.  Military survival kits can be found online from very specific commerce websites, military surplus stores, and also from specialty shops, among many other places.  Many of these kits include water proof matches, a water proof tin, signal whistle, fishing line, a guide to tying various knots, compass, iodine tablets or water purification tablets, gauze, and small pocket knives to use as tools.

But none of this does any good if you don’t know how to use any of the materials that are provided.  If you decide while searching for a basic survival kit to go the military route, make sure after buying the kit to familiarize yourself with everything inside.  Gauze doesn’t do any good if you don’t know how to wrap a wound, neither do matches if you don’t become proficient at starting a fire.  Learn to use every piece of equipment in that military survival kit and you will be very glad that you did.