3 Steps to Starting Your Carpet Cleaning Business

Starting a carpet cleaning business is an excellent way to make money, whether you are looking for a part time or full time income. This business is nice because it allows you to make your own hours and work when you have the time. Here are 3 tips for starting your carpet cleaning business.

Pick Your Client

If you are looking at  a carpet cleaning business, you first need to recognize that there are two main types of clients: residential clients and business clients. Each come with their own specifications. For example, you may find that there are more residential clients, but they require their carpets to be cleaned less often. There are fewer business clients but these need constant services, typically at night or on the weekends outside of business hours. Finding your target clientele will help steer you in the direction of proper advertising, insurance, and equipment purchases.

Pick Your Carpet Cleaning Method

Because there are various ways to clean a carpet, you may want to focus on only one or two to start, especially if you are working with a limited budget. A vacuum is standard fare, but from there you have several options for deep-cleaning. Steam cleaning and bonnet cleaning are two of the most common. Thoroughly research your options and take into account your target customer before deciding which methods you will choose.

Secure Your Equipment

Once you have established your target clientele and the cleaning methods you will use, you can focus on getting your equipment. Equipment can be bought used, new, or leased. It is probably best to not go overboard in this area, especially when starting out. Get enough to do a good job, but don’t feel obligated to buy top of the line products until you have an established income. Also keep in mind that you will need a vehicle to transport your large items. If you don’t have a van, you may need to purchase one for your business.

The carpet cleaning business isn’t glamorous, but it can be very profitable and is a great example that there are jobs that are still lucrative for entrepreneurs. I know a man and his wife who both make full time livings from home doing carpet cleaning and home party businesses for women. If you are interested in succeeding like them with your own carpet cleaning business, following these steps will help you as you start your new business venture.