Best Snorkeling Sites in Caribbean

You can bet that Caribbean is considered one of the top places in the world for snorkeling. Among the best sites to visit is Antigua. You can see a lot of rainbow colored sea anemones, along with schools of other marine species. The water is ideally clear and can completely free you from mundane anxiety and fear. You forget that you belong to the land world, and feel yourself a part of marine life.

Stingray City is a miracle. You can ride a stingray there, without any fears that it will make you any harm. Here it is a tame animal that behaves like any domesticated creature.  Thousands of tourists make pictures of themselves with stingrays. It is really an outstanding experience for any person.

Bonaire Marine Park offers unique opportunities for both diving and snorkeling. You can view beautiful corals and dozens of fish species. One place, Klein Bonaire, gets fantastic reviews from many tourists.

In Curacao Underwater Marine Park you find a lot of sunken ships, a dream for a romantic traveler. Its snorkeling sites stretch for almost twenty kilometers, along its southern coastline.

St. Martins offers probably the best snorkeling opportunities on the French site as government strictly protects its underwater life. There you can easily find great tiny coves and explore shallow reefs.

When you come to Grenadines, its every island offers nice snorkeling opportunities. You just swim a few hundreds of meters off its beautiful white-sand beaches. Its clear waters are filled with brain corals.

Brain corals along with a multicolored fish and elkhorn are found on the Cane Bay, one of the best places in St. Croix. You  can swim about 150 meters to see the Cane Bay Wall that drops off suddenly to deep waters.

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