Silky Terriers from Australia

Silky terriers are little dogs that belong to the terrier family. These dogs were originally bred in Australia from terriers that came from England.  Silky terriers bear resemblance to the Yorkshire terrier as well as the Australian terrier. In America we refer to the dog as the Silky terrier. They are more commonly known the world over as Australian Silky terriers.

The American Kennel Club sets forth the following standards for these dogs. Their adult weight should be about 8-11 pounds and they should stand about 9-10 inches tall. Silky terriers are just a little bigger than the Yorkshire terrier. This dog has a topline that is parallel to the ground. Their coat is 5-6 inches long. Firstborn Silkies are black but as adults they take on a bluish color. Their head and legs can be tan or red.

The face is surrounded by long hair.  This hair is frequently tied into a topknot. Its fur is naturally parted down its back. Even though Silky terriers are small they are not lap dogs. They are perky little dogs that are full of energy. If a stranger comes near they will quickly bark. Silkies get along with other animals and kids as long as they are socialized early on.  Since terriers were originally used for rat hunting they should be around pet rats, guinea pigs and hamsters.

The long fur tangles easily. You will need to brush your Silky daily. These dogs require a good deal of maintenance in general.  Frequent shampooing of their soft coats is recommended. Since their skin is subject to dryness be sure to use a shampoo made for dry skin. You should have the dog professionally groomed every three weeks and the groomer should brush the teeth. Dental problems are fairly prevalent so brushing is important. Silky terriers have a windpipe that is easily damaged so always a harness type collar.  Problems with a luxating patella and epilepsy are sometimes seen.  They enjoy a back rub and scratching of the hindquarters will make them freeze.

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