3 Ways To Improve Credit After a Bankruptcy

Are you looking to file for bankruptcy online in order to clean the slate of your debt, or have you already filed but realized it has left you stuck in a financial trap that won’t let you move on in life because it has ruined your credit.

In this article I am going to cover 3 simple things you can do to improve your credit standing after filing for bankruptcy.


The first thing you should do in life after bankruptcy chapter 7, is you should begin saving money again.  Saving money shows lenders, banks, and other financial institutions that you don’t spend every dollar that you own.

Having a big saving built up over time will also help if you are planning to get a home loan, car loan, or even apply for a credit card.  So save what you can even if it’s only $20 a month do it.

Stay Current

Next, when it comes to paying your bills you will want to stay current with them.  Places like the electric company and gas company will report to the credit bureaus especially is if you are missing payments.

However these types of companies can also be a help if you continually make your payments on time they will report the positive feedback.  This will also show the lenders and banks that you can make you payments on time as well.

Pay With Cash

Finally, the final tip you will want to stick to is paying everything with cash.  Paying with cash allows you to avoid the mistakes that got you into trouble in the first place.

In fact people who use credit cards to pay for everything are likely to spend as much as 30% more than if they would have paid with cash.  However one down side to this is that lenders will not reward you for this since their is no way to really track it.

As I rap up this article it’s also a good idea that you check your credit score on a regular basis as well.  Sometimes the credit bureaus do make mistake and report information wrong.  Getting some of these mistakes removed can boost a credit score dramatically.