A Case Study On Free Business Cards Increasing Customer Conversion

Business cards are one of the most overlooked parts of running a good business. More often than not many companies will simply not even take the time to look into buying business cards because they are seem so small and cheap when compared to the big picture of making millions. The funny thing when it comes to getting customers to call back or take a deeper look into your company, business cards have been proven to have dramatic effects.

This type of effect was shown in a case study where 3 companies were given 3 different types of free business cards to hand out to their customer. The first company got an extremely generic cards with all of its info on the card in great detail. The second company got a flashy card on high quality card stock. The odd thing about this card though is that it simply had the company name and phone number with no additional detail. The third company was given a card that was flashy and had all the details in great amount on it. The goal of this test was to see if it was the quality/look of the card or the actual detail that brought customers back.

So, what the experiment directly recorded was how many potential buyers called back. Now each of these companies were selling products that cost upwards of a thousand dollars, so a customer call back is huge. At the end the results were tallied out of 100 cards given out

Generic Card: 15 callbacks

Flashy Card with no info: 65 call backs

Flashy Card With Info: 73 Call backs

Now this seems very shocking. This is almost the opposite of what people would expect. The card with the complete info had any hardly call backs, while the card with almost no info got almost as many callbacks as the flashy card with info. This goes to show that it is actually the look and feel of the card that gets people calling back. Not the info itself.

This directly shows how business cards can drastically help your company. If you look around on the internet it is very easy to get up to 500 free business cards by ordering from a online site. These are all very high quality and easy to acquire so there is literally no reason for you not take advantage of this now and start seeing some huge returns with little investment.