Useful Tips on How to Make Silk Flowers for Bridal Bouquet

Silk flowers are a popular choice for bridal bouquets, especially in the 21st century. Why? It is because silk flowers, although classified as artificial flowers, are the ones that similarly look like the natural flowers more so than the other kinds of artificial flowers. Obviously, silk flowers are made of silk materials that is why they look fairly realistic. Silk flowers are considered to be an exceptional artistic and economic alternative for natural flowers. They are easy to arrange, manage, and can last a lifetime, provided that you maintain it regularly. Silk flowers are widely used for bridal bouquets in the United States because, aside from their astonishing features mentioned earlier, they cost less than the natural flowers, they don’t wither in any weather condition, and they are fire retardant.

Most brides want to be completely hands-on with their wedding preparations, especially with their floral arrangement, because apart from the wedding gown, the bridal bouquet is an imperative accessory. Every bride has to remember that any flower looks beautiful no matter what one does with it, but one’s creativity can make it even more stunning. The rule in arranging a bridal bouquet using silk flowers is simple: do not be afraid to explore. Do whatever is in your mind and heart. If you are not happy with the outcome of your first try, you can always rearrange and re-design.

Here are some do-it-yourself tips on how to make silk flowers for your bridal bouquet. Incorporate your silk flower bridal bouquet with baby’s breath or stephanotis to make the bouquet look fuller and realistic. In arranging them, instead of using green florists foam for the bouquet holder, use styrofoam because it is more forgiving when you have to rearrange the bouquet. Once you finally settle on a design, put one or two drops of glue on the stem of the flowers before attaching it to the Styrofoam. Then, keep in mind that a longer stem requires many flowers and floral tapes to hide it so it is recommended to cut the stem at least 3 inches for the base stem using wire cutters. To hide the bouquet holder, use filler plants, especially on the sides of the bouquet.

If you intend to preserve your silk flower bridal bouquet as a memorabilia of your wedding, maintain it by dusting it with canned air weekly.

Silk flowers are also ideal for areas of the house, such as glass tabletops, computer desk, and entryways, that are usually damaged by spilled water.