Niche Blog Content Writing Tips

The need to consistently produce relevant content is one of the biggest pressures on niche site marketers.  More well-written articles published means more traffic, and more traffic means more revenue.  To get to your goal of passive income sooner, learn to use tactics that make writing articles easier and more effective for you.

  1. Plan your articles. Don’t waste time sitting in front of your computer, wondering what to write. Plan what you are going to write beforehand, especially if it is about a topic that you struggle to write about, such as “smileys on Facebook,” “blue widgets,” etc.  There are many times during the day when you can safely work out an article plan — while brushing your teeth or taking a shower, for example. Just don’t be silly and think of articles while driving or crossing the street.  When you are short on time, make the most of every moment. Once you are on the computer, you should write immediately.. and publish.
  2. Don’t be a nitpicker. The majority of people who visit your niche blog won’t look at your articles for more than  a few seconds. So don’t try to make your articles perfect. What matters is your articles are useful, relevant, keyword-targeted and professional-looking.  Don’t think as if you’re writing a novel. If you spend a whole day tweaking a blog entry, you are probably trying too hard.
  3. Make your article easy to scan. Most people never read an article from beginning to end; instead they skip to sections that they think might have the information they need. To keep your visitors’ attention, put headers, links and highlights throughout an article.  For example, if you write an article about how to get a Facebook account, add sections or highlights to introduce each step. These help them find what they want and make them stay longer on your site. And the longer they stay, the better the odds of them clicking an ad or buying a product.
  4. Share your personal opinions and experiences. Your own views and insights are key to making your niche blog successful. If you can give reliable information, people will learn to trust you and may decide to follow your blog. Besides, a blog that never exhibits personal opinions is weak and lacking in character; it seems “made for AdSense.” Sharing your views tells people you care about your blog and identify with it.
  5. Speak on the same level with your readers. This requires some flexibility on your part because each article you write may need a different tone. What this means is, if you write for a beginner, simplify your language. If an article is for an experienced person, feel free to get technical. If you write about dog training or pet care, show a love of animals. This creates sympathy and encourages trust between author and reader.

Writing articles can be difficult in the beginning. But it gets easier with experience and the right techniques. After you have written hundreds of articles, it becomes second nature and the work will start repaying you.