Web Design Technology & Trends: 2011

Each year, it seems the authoritative figures in web design and graphic design make their predictions and guesses for trends and patterns in the year to come. This year, 2011, was no different, and although we are not quite halfway through the year, there are a few patterns that have emerged that will probably continue through the year and into 2012.

According to Phoenix web design companies, as well as those located throughout the country, web design is becoming a more integral part of search engine marketing in general. Although it remains to be seen how design effects SEO value and what metrics Google uses to determine design quality, it’s becoming increasingly clear that design and layout has a lot to do with a website’s success.

In addition to providing viewers with a format in which to view the site, the design plays a part in functionality and overall sense of professionalism. In 2011, having a clean, well-developed website is more important than ever. And as we’ve seen so far, incorporating social media into design can have a positive impact in the way a website is perceived and shared with other Internet users.

Although we can’t predict the future, we can safely assume that functionality and social aspects of design will continue to play an important role in the evolution of graphic design. The Scottsdale web design company that offered insight into the way design affects SEO also mentioned design’s overall effect on the perceived quality of a website in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

To put it simply: the design of a website does not necessarily give a website quality, but a quality website most likely has good design elements. Going forward this year, it will be interesting to see how these web design trends and patterns continue to emerge.