Choices For Oak Bar Stools

Oak bar stools are timeless furniture pieces that seem to never go out of fashion. In fact, the demand for this type of barstool is still in constant rise. This is perhaps because of the lasting appeal of oak wood, which is highly regarded for its unmatched resiliency and versatility. For years, oak wood has dominated the furniture market. It has been used for manufacturing countless of furniture items, from tables, chairs, and barstools. The great thing about stools made from oak is that they age gracefully. Their soft patina and rich color considerably enhances over time. That said, oak stools are not only prized for their durability but for their unique beauty as well. Furthermore, they are capable of lasting up to a lifetime, when cared for properly.

So, whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor bar stools, acquiring those made from oak wood is certainly an informed choice. If you are on the lookout for a stylish and trendy oak stool for your bar, then take time to look into the following models:

Swivel oak barstool with 2-tone upholstery

Constructed from solid oak wood, these stools have swiveling feature which helps to improve their functionality. This model is available in varying finishes, sizes, heights, and footplates. These classic looking barstools are the perfect addition to traditional themed home bars.

Extra tall swivel oak barstool with arms

Showcasing a time-honored look, this amazing oak barstool exudes the simple beauty of Americana styling. It is a swiveling barstool that comes with convenient armrests, an arched back, and 6 spindled insets. It features solid crafting reminiscent of the works of artisans from the yesteryears, which is evidenced by its attractive turned legs and appealing stretchers.

Backless swivel oak counter barstool

This functional and magnificent looking counter stool is a stylish addition to any bar or kitchen space. It boasts a clean cut, sturdy construction, and visually appealing look. This model can be customized according to your exact preference. The stool can have either a smooth or turned legs if you want to. Moreover, you can also choose from an array of attractive finishes to match your home.

Carefully evaluate and assess the aforementioned oak stool models to help you figure out which one is the perfect match for your home.