UPVC Front Door Preferences

If it’s time to replace your front door you have some options available to you for the replacement. Wood is the usual selection and there is quite a range of styles and species of wood available to choose from.

Your next choice could be a composite door. These doors are generally good quality doors but can be quite expensive. The door is made with a glass reinforced plastic outer face in one piece with a rigid foam internal core. These doors when fitted will provide a maintenance free service.

For a reasonable price you could choose a uPVC front door. The variety of styles available is almost endless. Some styles include an outer surround frame fully glazed or with a solid insulated panel or a combination of both. The solid panels are made with a PVC outer face and a high density foam filling to form a sandwich.

The exterior face of the panel is usually moulded to represent mock wooden panels. The panels in either glass of PVC are secured in the frame using slips on the internal face to improve on security.

These doors are quite easy to install. They are usually provided already hung in its frame and ready for fixing into the structural opening. Most suppliers can make the door set to suit the existing dimensions of the opening or they can be purchased off the shelf in standard sizes. If the opening is much larger than a standard door, the normal solution is to place a side light to one side of the opening or even above the door to create a fan light.

When PVC doors first arrived on the market many years ago white was the only available color and they had a tendency to fade to an off white, almost grey. Nowadays modern manufacturing techniques have overcome these problems and many more colors are available and they are fade resistant. The additional color range also includes framing with an imitation wood grain effect in a number of different species such as mahogany, oak and cherry.

When selecting uPVC doors you need to be aware of the locking systems available. These types of doors are usually fitted with a multi point locking system that as the name suggest locks the door in place in a number of different points around the frame making the door secure. By pulling the door handles upwards this will activate the multipoint and in turn the system is secured by turning a key cylinder. The cylinder can be a weak point so it is important to have the latest anti tamper cylinders fitted. With this in place the door is very secure.