Get The Sleeping Space You Need With A Twin Captains Bed

Are you having problems with your current bed in terms of sleeping space? Can’t seem to get the amount of comfort that you need at night? Then, get that bed out of there and get yourself a twin captain’s bed. Twin captain’s beds are also referred to as mate’s beds. These types of beds are really spacious. Moreover, they are built to be sturdy and durable, so you will be able to enjoy the comfort that these beds will be able to provide you with. Twin captain’s beds typically average around 75 inches in length and 39 inches in width. One of the unique characteristics featured on twin captain’s beds are built in storage spaces. These beds were the very first ones to be built with book cases on their head boards.

Twin captain’s beds are designed well and they will provide you everything that you need while you are inside your bedroom regardless of the amount of space available. The storage spaces featured on twin captain’s beds are really handy in terms of saving floor space inside a room. With these storage units attached on your bed, you won’t need to place too many storage furniture pieces inside your room. With this, you can use the extra space for other furnishings or other purposes that you might have in mind. The storage spaces installed on twin captain’s beds can be used for different purposes such as for storing and organizing books, stuff toys, comic books, and magazines. Popular twin captain’s beds brands include Furniture Basics, South Shore Furniture, Bedz King, Lea Industries, and Creative Interiors.

Kinds Of Twin Captain’s Beds

Twin Cottage Beds – these beds are designed with casual styles. Twin cottage beds work best inside bedrooms that are designed with country themes. These beds are typically made with washed finishes along with decorative designs.

Twin Contemporary beds – these types of twin captain’s beds are usually made with the colors black, white, and cherry. Twin contemporary captain’s beds have modern designs.