Wii Music – Play Like a Pro

Everyone was excited and amazed when the Wii came out into the market. It was a whole new way to play videogames! Now the Wii is taking a new tactic: Wii Music!

Like with Guitar Hero or Rock Band for the Play Station Two, you can play like an expert with any instrument you like using your own Wii. It does not even take buying some fancy new Wii accessories for the console in order to play. You can play a violin, guitar, cello, and you could also chime in with a couple of barks if you use the dog suit with your nunchuk and the Wii remote or you can rock out on the drums using the balance board. There are even options that only require the use of the remote such as the bagpipe, the flute, and even the nes horn which was actually designed just for Wii to look like a 1985 Nintendo controller attached to a horn. In fact, Wii Music actually equipped with 60 options instead of both Rock Band’s or Guitar Hero’s lineup, which only focuses on rock and roll bands and not the thousands of others who can appreciate classical music as well.

Also, as stated before, you will not have to go out and spend the extra money for controllers that only work for one particular game. Instead you will be able to use controllers that not only work for playing your favorite type of music, but will also help you and Mario save the world and quite possibly the galaxy from the terrible Bowser or do some nice, relaxing yoga exercises to calm your nerves after a long day at the office.

So why not go out and get this crowd pleasing, family bonding game and discover the hidden Beethoven within? You can be sure that you will not regret it.