Rev Up Your Competitive Spirit With Battle Strikers Toys

Are you ready to battle! Then all you need to do is compete against your friend with the Battle Strikers tournament set. Grab your spinning top, put your thinking cap on, and the two of you can battle to see who is the winner. You want to get your Striker past his, while it is still spinning.

The new Battle Strikers tournament set is ideal for children six years and older, and it encourages tactical thinking, social networking and your self esteem. The two Battle Strikers included with the set are Turbine and Mauler, and they are no ordinary spinning tops. By using the power of magnets, you direct them where you want them to go in the Battle Strikers arena. Turbine is a heavy weight and uses it to his advantage, while Mauler specializes in speed. As you get into the game, there are other Strikers you can buy to take your battling to the next level such as Tsunami, Cobra, and Tank. They come with different designs and themes and in various sizes which means you are able to battle in different ways. Each striker has different parts that interlock, or if you desire, you can mix and match, making your own personalized top.

A battle starts when you launch your striker into the arena, you then control its spin, encouraging collisions with other Strikers. You can direct your Striker in the direction you want, by using a special magnetic glove that fits over your fingers. You want to strategically plan your attacks so your Striker will win the collision battle. One disadvantage for players is the arena can be too small for some, and certainly not ideal if there are more than two people playing.

It does not matter how old you are, but if you like to get your competitive spirit moving hard, then get a Battle Strikers tournament set.