Renovating the Kitchen Cabinet Door

When it comes to renovating a kitchen one of the easiest places to start is with the kitchen cupboard. Typically we don’t really see any part of the cupboards besides door and frame. Because we only really see the cabinet (or cupboard) door it makes this area of the kitchen easy and inexpensive to renovate.

One of the best ways to breathe new life into an old cabinet door is to paint it. Over time the door will sustain scratches and dents. Sanding these minor dings out and painting the door can help to give a new flair about the kitchen. The color you chose can complement the rest of the kitchen’s décor or it can excitingly contrast it. Bright colors will make the doors pop out while neutral tones will help it to blend in with the rest of the décor. Painting the doors is not only a great way to give it more pizzazz but it can also be a great way to protect the door.

The paint can help to protect the door from future minor scratches and dings. Paint that has wood sealant in it can also protect the door from moisture that is in the air. Cabinets are typically over a stove and the steam that comes from cooking is moisture that can get down into the wood of the cabinets and cause them to rot.

Another great sealant to use on a kitchen cabinet door is one that will keep the termites out. Termites love to eat wood and if you wait until you see the signs of termites it will be too late. To save the cabinets it is best to use an anti-termite sealant on as much of the cabinets as possible. One easy way to ensure that the cabinet doors are termite proof is to replace them with termite resistant doors.

The kitchen can easily be renovated just by replacing or repainting the cupboard doors. This will not only give the kitchen new life but it can also save the homeowner some money in the long run because of well maintained and treated doors.