More About Wooden Counter Stools

So many kinds of bar stools are now being offered to consumers but wooden stools, which are the most traditional models, are still highly patronized. It is great to furnish homes, bars and restaurants with wooden counter stools because wooden materials provide comfort, affordability and beauty. Wooden stools are made to last for a long period and have a value that only increases through time. Due to the availability of wood, counter stools made from this material are often offered at prices that are lower than those of metal stools. Of course, plastic stools are still the cheapest among all stool types but they are also the least attractive and they cannot be expected to be used for many years.

The wooden counter stools are available in many choices in fabric seats, materials and finishes. If you or your guests want to experience ultimate comfort while seated, you can make use of upholstered or padded counter stools. The fabric padded seats may be bought together with the stool or you can buy or make the padding separately. Nevertheless, if you prefer your seating furniture to look very simple, you can settle with non-padded wooden counter stools.

Some of the more frequently used materials in making wood stools are cedar, teak and shesham. The wooden counter stools can have any color of your liking but the more common colors are black, brown, red and blue. You can easily find finished stools or unfinished stools in the style and size of your choice. If you buy unfinished stools, you can choose to do the painting or finishing yourself with whatever color and finish you desire.

Wooden counter stools can be placed anywhere in the house but the more common areas are the kitchen counters and patios. These stools add a natural and environmental look wherever you may decide to put them and for this reason, they are greatly employed in resorts and outdoor bars.

It will be nice to match your stool preference with the theme used in the room where they will be placed. If you have adopted the tropical look and style, you can go for rattan counter stools. For traditional décor, choose wooden counter stools with natural colors and finishes. If you want to retain the stools’ natural look, oak counter stool is the best choice. For a touch of class and sophistication, you can get leather padded wooden stools that have brighter colors or the white wood counter stools that look more distinct from the others.

We may be living in modern times now but traditional items such as wooden counter stools are still widely used. This is because wooden counter stools have proven to be practical, beautiful and sturdy seating furniture. Do not be surprised if these stools are still around after many decades and even centuries.