Organic Shampoo and Hair Loss

Hair thinning and loss can be difficult to handle and cause you to pay more attention to your hair care regime. You may be experiencing issues or going through hair loss treatments that have left you wondering your choice in shampoos. There are a lot of fads and false claims flying around about how to reverse or stop hair damage and loss. One of those trends is organic shampoo. Some people are wondering what the difference is when using a shampoo. Until recently we all just used shampoo without even thinking about where it came from or whether it is natural.

Recent studies have shown there are harmful chemical and unhealthy ingredients in some of the more conventional shampoos. A lot of the ingredients found in shampoo are not recommend for our hair or to maintain healthy hair growth. You may have already noticed that most major chain stores are now carrying lines of organic shampoos and advertising for them. It was only a short time ago that you could only find natural shampoo in specialty stores. Everywhere we go it seems like there is a transition to holistic or natural organic products. Shockingly, even the manufacturers of the damaging hair products are now developing lines or natural or organic based products. That in and of itself should tell you something about this new approach to steer away from synthetic ingredients and harsh chemicals.

Organic shampoos contain natural ingredients and preservatives without the harsh chemicals that can cause our body to stress and our hair to fall out or thin. Using products with less chemicals and more natural ingredients reduce scalp irritation and hair stress. Which may help your hair to grow more. When looking for a chemical free product some of the best natural herbs to look for are rosemary, chamomile, thyme, lavender, jojoba, and of course aloe vera because it is well known for providing anti inflammatory relief which can help reduce hair loss and stress.

So if you are looking for something more healthy for your hair consider and organic alternative. Do not forget to make sure you find a product that is truly organic from an honest company. Some companies claim that they carry all natural products but really are not. Make sure you read the label and ingredients and do your homework first.