How to Fix Three Common Customer Service Problems

When looking at an object under the eye of a microscope, usually something unexpected comes into focus. Looking at your business in a similar way can also reveal some surprises! What are some customer service problems that often do not get handled properly?

Untrained Staff

It doesn’t matter if you are the owner of a small company or an executive in a Fortune 500 corporation, customer service training is a must. If it has fallen by the way side, how can it be resurrected? First of all, be sure to include customer service reminders in your weekly staff meeting. Current employees need this training regularly. Secondly, when you accept a customer service resume from prospective employees, inform them that training in this area is a regular feature of your company. In this way, customer service will become part of your company’s culture.

Being Inaccessible

Remember the old days, when a customer could enter a storefront business and speak face to face with the owner about his concerns? That isn’t so much the case anymore. It is becoming increasingly difficult for people to receive good customer service because businesses today often keep their distance from the customer. How can you be different? Make it easy for the customer to speak to a real person – one who can provide reassurance that doing business with you is the best choice.

Breaking Your Promises

Promises can be easily made, and even more easily broken. And nothing aggravates a customer more than an unfulfilled promise. So before vowing something to your client, ask yourself, “Can I really keep this promise? Am I being unrealistic?” Keeping your promises is one of the most important customer service skills you can develop. It leads to delighted and satisfied customers.

The proverbial microscope awaits! Take a close look right away at how your company is addressing customer service issues. If there are problems with breaking promises, being inaccessible, or a lack of training, don’t excuse it. Fix it! Your customers will be happy that you did so!