Promotional Lanyards In Fun Styles

Every business and every event depends on advertising, good promotion, and fun freebies. The choices are varied with a range of prices. But small, inexpensive items will help customers and guest remember you when they are ready to fill a need.

If you like to promote fun, exciting ways to live a promotional item that conveys your business name and ideas will be remembered by every person wearing your chosen gift. Small gifts with a wild message, adult gifts to remind them of childhood fun, and children’s gifts that parents will hear about over and over again are the best choices you can make.

Promotional lanyards are inexpensive and fun. They are a long piece of vinyl, cotton, or plastic, about one inch in width. It can be worn around the neck or your can choose a shorter length for wrist and ankle wear. Each one comes with a clip for special items associated with your business or event.

Colors and design can be special ordered with beautiful results. Solid colors with an opposing color woven in for business names identify your company as place to remember. But for fun animal prints such as tigers, zebras and other animals are available. Children love the animal design when the promotion is for a local zoo event or children’s party.

Lanyards come in a Hawaiian design for a luau or plaid colors for your favorite St. Patrick’s day party. Summer designs with sunflowers and happy faces are perfect for company picnics and family reunions. Colors are available in bright neon’s to beautiful, calm earth tones.

Lanyards come with a variety of clip styles, but the most common and easily used by adults and children is the bull clip. With special attachments the bull clip will hold cell phones, pens, small change and identification, or small, light weight toys. Even small, mechanical tools and flashlights will create a memory for everyone who receives one of these wonderful, free gifts.

Easy to order and available for fast delivery your lanyard will be the hit of your event. Any lanyards left over are reusable for the next event or you can donate them to a local children’s cause.