Kitchen Theme Ideas Involving Fashion

Using new kitchen theme ideas ensures that your renovation gives you a very fresh kind of look and can bring out the best in a glass kitchen backsplash. You can draw your inspiration from almost anywhere. It doesn’t have to be food related. Instead, you can find what works best for your family and your budget and give you kitchen chic style.

You can have a lot of fun just by going with more of a fashion kind of feel. However, since this doesn’t usually belong in a kitchen you can just find one whimsical kind of decorative accessory. This could be as simple as just bringing in a basic cookie jar or have it in the shape of a purse or even a shoe. This instantly shows off your love of shopping.

You can also just really decorate with designer kinds of colors. Fashion classics of course are red lipstick and a little black dress. You could use black appliances, black walls, or black cabinetry. You could accent with red accessories as long as you have enough of the neutral pieces in the room to really break up the space.

For more of a casual kind of design you could be inspired by that basic outfit of jeans and a T-shirt. You could paint your walls a denim kind of blue. This is also a very popular color for furniture or even a kitchen island. In this case it should have glaze over it just so that it does have a weathered effect. Then you could pair it with bright white cabinetry, tile, and appliances. This is a pretty neutral kind of room that still has a very cheerful element to it.

You can also have a lot of fun by using fashion forward prints. The really great thing about this is that allows you to bring in popular cheetah, crocodile, or even zebra motifs. This can be very youthful and fun feeling. You will need to use this in moderation just because bold patterns can make a room feel smaller. You can just take the color palette from these items and then accessorize with the different kind of artwork to really get your theme across.