Do You Need A Paintball Pistol?

If you’re a paintball enthusiast that likes scenario paintball or woodsball paintball, you will certainly need a sidearm as a support to your main marker especially for tight spots that requires you to move fast. And this side arm needs to shoot rapidly.

Paintball pistols are weapons usually carried by beginner players. They are light weight and can be easily carried by the user. The drawback is that pistols lack precision compared to rifles. If you’re playing at a distance of fifty meters or greater, your pistol will probably be useless. If you’re planning to choose a pistol, don’t expect that you will get the same accuracy that you get from your long barreled marker. These kinds of marker are only of great use when you will be fighting in close range or if you are an ambush-type of player.

If you’re planning on having a paintball pistol as a side arm, you may end up having a hard time choosing which one is the best that you can use. So give you an idea of which pistols you can choose from, read the following list.

The Ariakon ACP is already a 2nd generation Ariakon pistol paintball gun. There is a big difference in firing this pistol if you’re going to compare it with the first generation paint ball pistol guns as this pistol already has great upgrades. Users have indicated that this pistol is something that you need to get used to as its weight is somewhat heavy compared to other pistols. Though heavy, the Ariakon ACP comes with precision that is better than most Paintball pistols as its barrel has a total length of 8 inches.

Another good example is the RAP226 that is a replica of a legendary pistol Sig Sauar 226. This pistol comes with great features like the new magazine reload mechanism that makes reloading as easy as eating potato and at the same time prevents jams which are usually considered to be a hassle when you’re in battle.

Some people think that carrying 2 guns in the battlefield will greatly affect your movement, so why not consider getting yourself a paintball gun which can be changed into a pistol depending upon the situation you’re into? Try looking at the T68 Gen3 CQB; it is a type of gun that can be changed from a pistol to a rifle and vice versa. The magazine that it uses can also be swapped from a hopper feed and back. Find out more about Tippmann tpx or Spyder MR1 paintball gun.