Plumbing Experts are Invaluable to Home-Owners

Do plumbing experts have fantastic showers? This writer thinks that they do. This writer knows one of the many do-it-yourself plumbers, those who never like to pay any sort of repairman. That man had on the spot training in the installation of water pipes. He served as the assistant to the Atlanta plumber that removed his home’s outdated lead pipes, and replaced them with copper ones.

During the course of that long and dirty procedure, the self-trained plumber/homeowner noticed that he could arrange to have one pipe feeding directly from the main water line into the home’s bathroom. More specifically, he could have that pipe carry water right into the home’s shower fixture. Therefore, that is exactly what that self-made plumber did.

More than nineteen years later, when he wanted to sell his home, the same homeowner took advantage of his passion for a strong flowing shower. Whenever he showed his residence to any potential buyer, he made a point of mentioning the special feature hidden under the bathroom tiles.

Now while the ability to mention that feature would be important during any house showing, it was especially important when this one residence went on the market. That particular property carried a “For Sale” sign in late 2007, when so many people were seeking to sell their homes.

Did the plumbing feature in that dwelling help to convince one potential buyer that he should become the place’s new owner? No one can say for sure. No one has approached the new owner with that inquiry. However, one would have to question any suggestion that the thought of a strong flowing shower had failed to entice a single potential buyer.

Incidentally, that home eventually got a second bath, and thus a second shower. Yet the smart son of the home’s owner did not use that newer bathroom, because he wanted his showering to provide him with a truly invigorating experience.