Energy Efficiency With Radiant Ceiling Heating In The Home

We would all love to lower that monthly electric bill, but how do we do it?  Often, it seems like making your home energy efficient is an insurmountable task, so it’s better to just leave it alone.  Thankfully, that is far from the truth.  Whether you choose to use mirrored furniture in your home to increase the appearance of light without increasing the light bulbs or install radiant ceiling heating that can individualize the climate control of every room, every little bit helps, both the environment and your pocketbook.

Sometimes lowering that monthly bill is as simple as changing the type of light bulb you use.  Switching from incandescent to florescent is a move that can save you hundreds over the course of a year.  As an added bonus, these bulbs will last far longer, meaning you have to replace them less often.

Making sure your home is draft free is a great way to save on heating and cooling costs.  Investing in well fitting windows and doors or simply winterizing your windows with a plastic treatment can be enough to save you a bundle.  Heavy curtains are another way to keep the heat or cold in a home.  In the winter the extra insulation will prevent cold from seeping through.  In the summer, you can block the sun during the heat of the day to keep temperatures from rising unreasonably.

Installing a system like radiant heating and cooling or geothermal heat can also do wonders for your electric bill.  These systems allow you to either take advantage of a natural heat source or control the temperature by room, giving you the chance to leave unoccupied rooms cooler and saving you hundreds.  Radiant heating and cooling generally affects the room rapidly, so it can be turned low when the house is empty without having to worry about a long adjustment period.

Every little step will help you make your home more energy efficient, helping both your family and the planet.  Whether it is as drastic as radiant ceiling heat or as simple as changing light bulbs, you will still see a noticeable difference.