6 Mistakes To Avoid In Online Marketing

1. Spamming

Yes, you want to get your message out as many times as possible, but there are limits to how well this works. Constantly bombarding e-mail inboxes, forums or Twitter pages can get annoying. Not only will people not want to take a look at your product, but you can get banned from most social media platforms and be labeled as someone not to do business with.

2. Not having a personal on-line presence

Many people use Bots, or automated programs, for social media activities. Sending thank you messages, following others and automating Tweets and status updates are largely done with automation software. This can help you be more productive, but remember that those who see your messages want to know that there is a person behind that message.

3. Having no idea who is visiting your site

Another reason that spamming doesn’t work is that it will not target any specific audience. A good marketing campaign will know who they are targeting and who is most likely to bring in sales. A shoe company that markets to young adults will want the teenagers and their parents to visit your site, not those who are in their 80’s. It is hard to have a successful campaign anywhere if you don’t target the proper audience. Use analytic tools to track your web traffic to check your effectiveness.

4. Thinking every click will result in a sale

The truth is that most clicks and web visits will simply result in the visitor going somewhere else. This isn’t necessarily your fault, but you have to be aware that it can take 100 visitors to result in one sale. This means that you have to be aggressive with your marketing. This means that you have to balance your strategy with the risks of being seen as spammy or shady.

5. Using keywords that are irrelevant

A great way to drive traffic to your site is to use SEO to get hits. However, you need to use a variety of words to get a variety of traffic. For example, you might be selling shoes, so some good keywords would be shoes, men, high heels, or some other variety of shoe related keyword. However, it is not good marketing to put spring, beach ball or something else just because it might be a popular keyword. Google will come down on you if you are misleading.

6. Ignoring SEO altogether

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is the secret to getting more hits and traffic to your website. Optimization of your site will increase traffic and result in more sales. SEO, combined with a great social media presence, can create backlinks and increase the visibility of your page. Do not ignore the power of backlinks and other SEO tools.

Jen Silva is a writer for Choosewhat.com. ChooseWhat.com is a company that provides product reviews and test data for business services and products such as business cards and PBX services. Their goal is to help small companies make informed buying decisions on business solutions that help their business.