American Doll Clothes

Little girls of all ages still enjoy dressing up dolls.  If you’d like to see your daughter disappear quietly for hours then buy them a baby doll and some American doll clothes.  Playing pretend has always and continues to be a great way in helping young girls develop essential life-skills.  It opens up a whole new world of imagination and interactive play experiences. It teaches them how to rock, cuddle, feed, bathe, change and love which are coveted future parenting skills.

American Girl manufacturer makes these dolls clothes in wide variety of colors and styles.  They make products for every stage of a young girl’s development.  Whether you’re looking for dolls clothes for your preschool child or trying to appease your teenager’s self expression and individuality American Girl has you covered.

The dolls, clothes, and accessories are made of premium quality and many become collectibles within the doll community.  With the large variety of doll clothing they make your daughters will only be limited by their own imagination.  Imagine your daughter dressing up in fashions similar to that of their dolls.  There’s nothing more satisfying than building up self-esteem in girls at an early age.

The American Girl company also has many historical characters such as Josefina, Molly and Felicity that will help you introduce a little history to your daughters.  Each year they come out with new lines of doll clothing, the 15-inch and 18-inch doll clothing are some of the most popular because of their life size.

Since their inception in 1986 American Girl has sold more then more than 16 million American doll clothes to girls all over the world.  More than 50 million people visit their website each and every year.

No matter how old a girl gets there will always be that little space carved out in their hearts, reserved just for playing with dolls.  It will always be one of the easiest ways for any mother to bond with their daughter.