All About Cricut Cake Machines

Many people love to watch the beautiful designs created with cakes and cupcakes on TV shows seen on the Food Network. But it is also frustrating for hobby bakers to try to re-create some of these looks at home. There is finally an affordable solution to allow the home baker to create interesting and intricate designs using fondant and gum paste without spending years in pastry school or investing in large bakery machines. The Cricut cake machine can be used in many different ways to decorate baked goods. Anyone can use one of these machines to amaze their friends and family with amazing decorated baked goods at their next event or party.

These machines will use purchased templates to cut fondant or gum paste in different designs or patterns. The cutouts are then attached to the cake, cupcake or other baked goods with minimal fuss or effort. For people who have scrapbooked before, they may already be familiar with the capabilities and versatility of other Cricut machines. The Cricut cake machine is no exception. The Cricut website even provides many different ideas and projects to try out the different capabilities of a new cake machine. These include cutting gum paste into a monogram and filigree design for a miniature, personalized cake or cutting shapes from gum paste to create custom cupcake toppers.

Cricut cake machines are available at many stores including Wal-Mart, Michaels and on-line direct from the manufacturer. They are very affordable when purchasing new. However, there are also gently used machines available on sites like Craigslist and eBay for as little as half the price. These websites are also great resources for purchasing cartridges for templates. The customer support available on-line includes videos, project ideas, and even message boards to ask questions and share projects or ideas. As with other Cricut machines, these cake machines are made of high quality materials and backed by a warranty against any manufacturing defects.