Business Holiday Card Etiquette for Increased Customer Loyalty and Brand Marketing

Sending out personalized holiday cards can strengthen your relationship with clients and business contacts if done correctly. However, if you don’t use the proper etiquette it can also backfire and end up damaging this relationship. Using the proper etiquette will take more time and effort, but it will also get the best results.

When you send out personalized holiday cards for your business, you need to make sure that your holiday card list includes all of your important clients and that you have up-to-date addresses and the correct spelling of their names. Because your clients may have varying religious beliefs, it is best to send a generic card that says “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings” instead of one that has a message that is specific to a particular holiday.

Make sure to choose a high quality card, as an inexpensive card will send the wrong message. You should write a personal note in each card and sign each card by hand rather than just having a message and your name printed on the card. You also need to hand address each card using the recipient’s title and use a stamp rather than the postage meter. These things add a more personal touch and keep the card from seeming to be part of a mass mailing.

Whatever you do, don’t send an e-card instead of a paper card. Many people display the Christmas cards they receive and this looks very cheap. Do not choose cards that may be offensive to some people, or those that look very cutesy or tell a joke. These types of cards are more appropriate for personal holiday cards, not business holiday cards. Sending homemade cards is only okay if you are an artist by profession.

If not, it sends the impression that you are too cheap to purchase your holiday cards. Do not send business cards to a client’s home unless you are also friends with the client, and if you do send a card to a client’s home you need to include the spouse’s name as well when you address the card. Do not send Christmas cards so late that they arrive after the holiday, although it is fine to send New Years cards later. Try to get your greeting cards in the mail no later than December 15th.

Following the basic business holiday card etiquette may bring in some new business, while ignoring these rules may actually lose you business. Make your holiday greeting cards personal, professional and high quality to make the best impression.