How To Use Facebook For Marketing A Business Online

There are millions of users on Facebook, and the popularity of Facebook is monumental for both personal and business use. While there are many users who just use Facebook for playing games, interacting with friends and family, updating their profiles and sharing pictures, there is a very strong bushiness presence inside of Facebook and it offers a robust and powerful marketing tool for Internet marketers.

Internet marketers understand the value and importance in presenting their products and services to a vast number of potential customers, in fact, it’s a reality that without visitors and targeted traffic there will be no profits.  While the ultimate marketing methods still center around effective SEO tactics that involve premium link building strategies for getting organic Google traffic, social media now plays a significant role in SEO as well as for reaching out to and engaging a large customer base.

Facebook members create connections called Friends which opens up a line of communication which offers the bi9lity to make contacts, share data, links, photos and other information. Member profiles are only accessible to other Facebook members, which usually creates a large pool of people to market to. In fact, there is an array of Facebook tools and applications that are created specifically for marketing of both online and offline businesses. Most of the top Internet marketing courses today include Facebook tutorials because this is such a powerful venue.

The truth is, entrepreneurs that understand how to market on Facebook begin this massive marketing process with their Profile, which they make sure is attractive, offers usefulness for a potential customer base and places them in a position to pull in any number of potential customers.  Below are some helpful tips to get started marketing on very powerful social networking site.

11 Tips For Using Facebook For Online Marketing

1. The real key to using Facebook effectively is to build relationships, trust and a following. Offer something useful to attract potential customers.

2. The marketers who attach blogs to their business websites take advantage of the useful RSS feature on Facebook that syndicates their blog feeds for dramatic exposure.

3. Many affiliate marketing take advantage of Facebook by promoting their affiliate products right on Facebook without even setting up a website of their own.

4. In order to advance the above it is important to create effective profiles for business. Your message should be clear and enticing as far as what you have to offer, this is especially true for flagship blogs. Create interest, curiosity and appeal to potential customers by adding pertinent, useful and interesting information about what you offer that will ultimately get people to click back to your site.

5. On the profile page each user has what is called a Wall, which is simply a place to post messages for each user to see. There are various uses for the Wall. Posting your recent blog posts, adding recommends for products or services related to your niche, sending tips related to your niche… the possibilities are endless.

6. The real key to effective marketing on Facebook is to offer useful data, and not just self serving information. You want to attract interest by making yourself indispensable in your field.

7. The Marketplace. There are free classified ads permitted in some categories. This is a great way to get some free advertising for your business. Marketers love this application and use it to advertise to their advantage, especially the For Sale category which can really be applied to any niche.

8. Application developers use Facebook to design applications known as Facebook Apps, this is a great social strategy and offers Facebook users something useful.

9. One particular feature that is employed by marketers is the Facebook Status function. This feature is a brief update on what you are doing that shows up in your profile and when used properly is a powerful marketing tool.  For example, “Brent Just Completed the Ebook How To Install Solar Panels In Your Home And Save Hundreds”.  A simple link to that sales page for that ebook can trigger tons of interest and targeted traffic back to your site from people who are interested in and are all read pre sold for your product.

10. Facebook Event feature is created to let friends know of upcoming events.  This is the place where a marketer can advertise seminars, podcasts and other online events. Make sure to carefully review Facebook rules on this so that you do not risk being branded a spammer.

11. Videos are so popular now, and are definitely one of the more preferred marketing methods for many Internet products. Videos could be added onto Facebook profiles using a Facebook Mobile application that comes with a web cam feature. The videos are only for Facebook and with the huge membership numbers in the millions and growing daily, this is a great platform to attract traffic and customers.

Facebook is the ideal platform for creative marketers to boost their traffic and, as a result, their customer base. Simple features and processes can be highly effective marketing tools on Facebook, giving the phrase “let’s get social” a whole new meaning.