Places to Use a Nice Set of Priscilla Curtains

In a wide variety of situations, a nice set of priscilla curtains can add a real country charm to any modern home. Their natural elegance works in lots of situations, and can help make any window a showpiece. You can choose a topping valance that adds an almost Victorian feel to your home. There are all sorts of benefits to this style, though they do take some effort to mount correctly.

You can find them in many different types. There are exquisitely patterned curtains, with images of flowers, fruits, or gingham. These tend to be on the expensive side, though. If you are on a budget and want to find some cheap versions you can instead go for some solid colors – these are simpler to produce and thus tend to be less expensive. You can also find many different kinds of valance, and together you can mix and match to find your favorite combination. Some are actually sewn in to the curtains, while some hang on a separate rod.

Most people use priscilla curtains in bedrooms and kitchens, though bathrooms are common as well. If you have children, you might consider these curtains for their bedrooms, as the childlike innocence, daintiness and delicacy of them seems to hark back to simpler times, with a great old country charm. It is the ruffles along the edges that set them apart, and if you want this look to work properly, you will need to find curtains of the right size.

Priscilla curtains should usually be twice the width of the window they cover, though it never hurts to make them a little wider still. It is better to be too wide than too narrow. Overall benefits include the obvious appeal they give to a room as well as their cosmetics generally, and with some careful shopping you will easily find a set that you love.