Proper Assembly of Tiffany Torchiere Floor Lamp Parts

A tiffany torchiere-style floor lamp is designed using the methods created by Louis Comfort Tiffany. The unit is comprised of varying torchiere floor lamp parts that include two pieces of hand-cut, stained glass wrapped with a copper coil. Each piece is soldered together, and the stained glass used is always of top-quality.

When assembling the parts of the tiffany torchiere-style floor lamp, first thing that you should do is to remove everything from the package. Check if all the components needed are available. You can refer to the parts list on the unit’s manual to verify if all the parts of the torchiere floor lamp are complete.  The package should include the shade nut, shade, socket, lamp holder, upper and middle stem, base, lowest stem, and of course, the plug.

Upon the removal of the packaging, you might notice that shade is coated with oil. This oil is applied in the final stages of production to protect the lamp’s shade from soldering. Never use strong cleansers or chemical to remove it as this can damage the lamp’s finish. To eliminate the oil, use a paper towel and gently buff it unto the lamp’s surface.

Read the unit’s manual carefully before you begin attaching its components. It is important to ascertain that you will be able to properly assemble the tiffany torchiere floor lamp. Fortunately, most manuals come with illustrations and detailed step by step guide to ensure that users would be able to easily follow the written direction. Be sure to follow the steps as instructed so that you will be able to successfully assemble the unit. If possible, ask someone to help you out during the assembly so you will be able to do the task more conveniently. Appropriately secure all the parts to ascertain that they are properly connected.

Once done, plug the cord on the available outlet to test if the unit is working properly. If not, double check the connections and look into the manual again to see what you did wrong.