Brighten up Your Kitchen Just by Changing Your Cabinet Knobs

When looking at older homes, some of the kitchen cabinets have not been updated in years. Many individuals have changed the appliances to more updated ones but have not thought about the cabinets or the cabinet knobs.

Beautiful kitchen cabinet knobs can be found in just about any hardware store. Glass kitchen cabinet knobs will add beauty to any cabinet no matter what the color or style. For those that are having a new house built, time should be taken to match the cabinet knobs and pulls to the rest of the appliances and counter tops that are in the kitchen.

If the color scheme of the kitchen is pale blue, then pick a cabinet knob that is dark blue or two-toned. The main color of most cabinets is some type of brown, tan or possibly white. The traditional brown knob or silver or gold tone knobs may not bring out the beauty of the cabinet. For the kitchens that have cabinets that have glass doors in the front, any type of colored glass knob will do the trick.

Going to a home appliance store that carries kitchen items can be most useful in the selection process. Most sales associates can give advice regarding what knobs would be the best selection for the kitchen decor. Many new homes will not offer a broad selection of cabinets or knobs. The option of purchasing knobs and giving them to the contractor to install may be an option worth looking into.

Many people are into the vintage looking kitchens, therefore a vintage knob will be needed, not a modern looking one. It is possible to check with thrift stores or flea markets to see if older knobs can be found. Whatever the choice may be, the right type of knobs can beautify a plain looking older cabinet.

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