IRenew Bracelet – Does It Work

A new energy bracelet has hit the market recently and has been featured on many TV commercials. But the question this new energy bracelet is bringing up more often than not is does the IRenew bracelet work? The answer to this question is not as simple as it sounds because different people react differently to alternative healing techniques.

In short the IReniew bracelet shows no obvious medical or physiological signs that it works. This is because the claims of the IReniew sales team is that the bracelet resets and balances your biofield to bring you back into balance which in turn helps you feel better, more vigorous, and in better general health.

The problem with this is that the bracelet doesn’t appear to do anything physiologically but it does appear to work on many people based strictly on their belief that the bracelet works. In essence this bracelet is much like a magnetic bracelet in that some people believe it helps and thus through the placebo effect they indeed do start feeling better.

This is fine if you understand the claimed benefits are not substantiated but can be misleading to large groups of people who relay on medically substantiated claims of increased health. The bracelet appears to imply that the bracelet will make you feel better but what they don’t tell you is that the concept of your biofield is made up by their marketers and has no physiological basis.

So the IRenew bracelet, does it work? It could work for the uninformed and for the gullible but for the bulk of society this bracelet is probably not going to do anything. Is it a scam or hoax? Probably not. They do not outright say the bracelet is capable of healing; they say it can bring balance back to your biofield and make you feel better. And since you don’t really have a biofield the statement is basically true if you believe it makes you feel better.