Black Chandelier

Most people have a pretty fixed picture in their minds when they think of a chandelier. They see it as a shimmering white mass of clear crystals and sparkling light, which delicately dangles toward the floor in a beautiful ballroom or palace. While smaller, more modest chandeliers have become more and more popular, the grand chandelier which weighs almost as much as a man, is still assumed to be the norm despite the fact that it is no longer the case.

Not only are chandeliers more common place than they used to be, more conservative in their size, and used in many households for lighting all kinds of room, they have also changed in style and color. Black chandeliers are a recent addition to the chandelier family but are growing in popularity with rapid speed as they look elegant and stylish without being too pretentious.

If you look for a black chandelier in any lighting catalog or store you will see a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to suit any décor. These chandeliers also are available in a range of different prices and you are bound to find one no matter how limited your budget.

The dramatic effect supplied by black metal or black crystal (generally onyx) hanging from your ceiling is a rather special way to add warmth to the sometimes sterile look of a contemporary room. If you choose a wrought iron chandelier, you can leave it plain and simple or add mini lampshades to each arm to tone in with your color scheme.

If you decide to go for a black crystal hanging chandelier you will not be disappointed as the cut black crystals dangling down can provide a dark gleaming and rather glossy appearance against the light supplied by the bulbs from the chandelier. This makes your lighting centerpiece appear to be a bedazzled article of jewelry in the room instead of a simple light fixture.

In the right setting, a black chandelier can supply a wonderful contrast against the ceiling to make the room seem extra special and it will be the focal point of any room in which you place it.