What To Look For When Buying a Chair Lift For Stairs

The thought of buying a chair lift for you home can be intimidating. Some homes will need to have permits, electrical work, and possible other modifications. The first step is to decide what kind of chair lift for stairs is right for you. Once you have this down, the rest will begin to fall into place. Two key areas that need to be decided on when choosing the right lift for your home are, knowing what kind of staircase do you have and whether you will need an electrical or battery powered stair lift.

Staircases come in many different configurations. The most common are straight and curved.  The configuration of your staircase will determine the cost, installation and manufacturing, as well as the amount of time it will take to complete your home chair lift for stairs.

The ideal staircase to have would be a straight one. Straight staircases allow for a simple installation and manufacturing of chairlifts, and this makes them cheaper too. Whereas if you have a curved staircase, you would need to get a custom chair lift made.  The angles and curvature of your staircase needs to be measured so that a specific chair lift can be fitted. This adds costs and time to the manufacturing and installation of your chair lift.

The next thing to decide will be if you prefer a battery or electric chair lift for stairs. Battery chair lifts are simpler to install, but do require you to change the battery every year or so. They can also be less sturdy than electric chair lifts. The drawback of an electric chair lift for stairs is that if you have any power outages, you could be stuck on one floor or another. The best option and one that costs slightly more is to have a chairlift that is powered by both.

These things need to be taken into consideration when planning your home chair lift for stairs costs: the configuration of your staircase and whether you need a battery or electric lift. Extra costs of a chair lift can include electrical modifications to your home and whether or not your local area requires you to have a permit for the chair lift.