Looking Back at 70s Clothes

The 70s is an unforgettable decade for the fashion world. This is the time when anything was possible. Imagination was running wild.  People were not afraid to experiment with patterns, fabrics and styles. The fashion trends of the 70s made known to the world the outrageous and out-of-the-box images and clothing designs that were as diverse as the psychedelic patterns in matching blouses and pants popular during that era. Celebrity trendsetters such as rock stars, movie stars and singers introduced fashion that was costumy and fit for the stage that the public grew fond of. Unique and iconic clothing apparels were made popular and even today, as the fashion cycle continues, some of these highly conspicuous and attention-grabbing outfits are making comebacks and are incorporated to the modern fashion trends that prevail now.

The fashion trends that were highly recognized during the 1970s were the flashy colored clothing, sequined dresses and big hairstyles that were either spiky and straight or curly and afro. 70s clothes were fascinating with their unique silhouettes that emphasized curves in a different way, with flared pants that were a lot wider at the bottom than we see today. The prints of the clothing were also quite astounding with rainbow colors and swirling shapes that seem like optical illusions. Everything was dazzling with glitter and sequins that dominated women’s clothing. The girls wore big colorful wigs and they paired them with animal printed pants and lacy, ruffled blouses that were just incredibly smashing. Some men even wore make-up with almost unrecognizable faces and they wore hippy clothes just like the women. The pants were flouncing and ruffled on the bottom and they were made with a colorful concoction of patterns and the skirts of the day were long and flirty with patchwork details and attractive beads.

Nowadays, the fashion trends are more of an eclectic fusion of past and present designs, but the 70s type of fashion is an iconic look that we imitate when we have the chance to show them off. The popular clothes from that decade are often worn during costume parties of the present and they make for stunning and attention-grabbing outfits. These delightful pieces of clothing are available in vintage shops in actual stores as well as on 70s websites on the internet. The skirts, dresses and pants can be sold individually, but you can choose sets with matching pieces of garments and sometimes even accessories.  Hats, wigs and headbands are showcased just in case you want to own the entire package.