A Brief Introduction to Vintage Earrings

Often these days anything that is older than 20 years get called vintage, so when they think of  vintage earrings many people even include earrings made in the 1980s. If we use this definition than vintage earrings are really easy to find. If we think of vintage as something  at least four or five decades old, things get a bit more complicated. Although the 1950s were not so long ago and earrings were really popular then, most of the fashionable earrings at the time were relatively cheap, fake and with a clip on (which made more likely losing one of a pair) therefore many of them  might not have survived as not everyone thought they were valuable enough to keep for posterity.

Before then we have the wonderful Art Deco earrings and those long dangle earrings popular in the Roaring  Twenties which, unless you inherit a pair, are not easy to find as many  are in private collections. But as they are so lovely and feminine you can easily find replicas and earrings inspired by this style if you search online. Anything older than that and we are talking 19th century, they are really a difficult to find  and are collector’s items, so even if you found a pair, chances are you would not have the courage to wear them very often. Obviously some types of vintage earrings might not go too well with the rest of the jewellery you wear and your outfit, if you are looking for vintage earrings to wear you will have to consider if they would match your overall look.

Places to find vintage earrings are auctions and antique shops but you can find bargains on eBay while if you do not have the budget or the inclination to hunt for real vintage, on the internet you will find many fantastic vintage inspired earrings in places like Etsy, for instance.