Petrol Go Karting

Petrol go karts are becoming more and more popular. They are cheaper to maintain and you can go a lot faster in them then with an electric go kart. Petrol karts are more realistic and a better choice than the traditional go cart.

You can build a petrol kart yourself with some mechanical skills it is easy and relatively cheap. You can find most of the parts you need to build one at a junkyard or around your garage. Of course some parts such as a motor will be needed either at your local ATV store or online. It does not have to be a very big one. A lawn mower motor would do the trick just fine.

Go karts are often made from wood or different types of metal. Make sure you do not forget the important things. You need a seat, a steering wheel, and definitely you will need some brakes. You can always buy a petrol go cart if you would prefer that to building one. You could more than likely find a good one for a reasonable price. You could be on your way to racing around in a cool cart in no time.

Go Kart racing is becoming a popular activity for adults and kids alike. A lot of famous race car drivers started off racing go karts. There are go kart racing tracks all over the world and petrol go karts are the most popular kind of go kart to drive at these races. Since they go the fastest they do a lot better in races then their other non-petrol models. They also have off road go kart racing through many different types of terrain.

Any way you slice it go carts are a great activity and hobby for kids and adults. If you want used then go to Craigslist or Ebay online but if you want a new one chances are your local Pep Boys or ATV dealer will have just the right cart for you.