Bamboo Flooring In The Living Space

Living space décor is of high importance for a homeowner.  Because the common living space areas are used by every member of the family, it is important to create a function and beautiful area to be enjoyed by all.  Creating an eco-friendly living space has become very trendy and socially important because it promotes a sense of responsibility that extends beyond the home.

One popular new trend in the living space is the use of bamboo flooring.  Bamboo is a versatile substance that can be suitable flooring in all areas of the common living space, such as kitchen, bath, and living room.  This makes it a great option for installation throughout the entire living space.  The material is durable, lightweight, inexpensive, and promotes green living.

The strength of bamboo is the equivalent to that of maple hardwood.  This makes it an attractive flooring option for common living spaces because it can withstand the high traffic in these rooms.  As well, it can be obtained in many color options.  It is water resistant, making it perfect for bathroom and kitchen living spaces.  Bamboo can withstand the weight of the heavier style of furniture and appliances that are typical of most living spaces.  It is easy to clean and maintain, adding to its longevity.

Because bamboo is a plant material, it is lighter in weight than most hardwoods.  The benefit to this is that sub flooring does not need extra preparation of supports to install the bamboo.  In addition, its light weight makes it ideal to run through several rooms of the living space, creating a seamless look.

Because bamboo grows quickly and can be harvested much easier than hardwood, it is both inexpensive and eco-friendly.  The bamboo plant takes only five to seven years to mature to the point that it can be cut down; in contrast to pine or maple, which take decades to mature and re-growth is slow.  Bamboo is easy to recycle and-if replaced-can be taken to a recycling center to further use in other products.

Bamboo is an excellent alternative flooring for the living space.  Not only does it help to promote conservation practices, but it costs less than using hardwood.  It is easy to maintain and highly resilient for withstanding the normal wear and tear of a living space.  Because it is light in weight, it makes installation a convenient and budget friendly process.