What Do Employers Look for When Contracting with Accounting Recruitment Firms?

Many times it’s easier for companies to contract with accounting recruitment firms in order to hire new employees. Whether it’s because the employer doesn’t have time or would like further screening on potential employees before meeting with them, the choices an employer has are quite endless. Making your recruitment firm stand out is simple once you know exactly what companies look for.

Interview candidates face to face – The main reason employers contract with accounting recruitment firms is to weed out the candidates that might not be a good fit for the job. This is only possible through a face-to-face interview. Any possible candidate can fluff their way through a phone interview, it isn’t until they are sitting in front of a recruiter that a person’s true personality and abilities shine through, making it imperative for recruitment firms to perform face-to face-interviews.

Experience specifically in the accounting industry – Companies looking to fill accounting positions need the expertise of recruitment firms that only specialize in accounting positions. When recruiting firms spread themselves too thin across too many industries, they lose their very specific expertise in each industry. This might result in non-qualified candidates slipping through the cracks. Specializing in one or two industries is the best way for recruitment firms to provide top quality employees.

Take the time to get to know the employer as a whole – It’s imperative for accounting recruitment firms to first get to know the potential employers before interviewing candidates for that company. Each employer has his or her own requirements, personality quirks as well as operations. By taking the time to understand the employers’ needs, the recruitment firm can provide the most qualified candidates to them.

Understand the requirements for each individual position – Understanding the environment of a company is important, but even more important is to know the individual requirements of each position that the employer is looking to fill. Taking the time to have a question-and-answer session with the HR department or hiring manager of the employer will help recruitment firms find the most competent candidates for the employer.

Offer advice and solutions to the employers needs – Employers look to accounting recruitment agencies as partners to finding solutions to their needs. Sometimes employers have issues or needs that they aren’t quite sure how to fill. Offering advice on how to best fill their needs will help a recruiting firm stand apart from the rest.

There are numerous accounting recruitment firms for employers to choose from these days. In order to stand out from the masses, it’s important for firms to specialize their services and really understand the needs of potential employers. The more attention the firms pay to employers and their needs, the more likely they are to land new contracts.

About the Author: Talitha Laderer is a human resource specialist who enjoys working with agencies and directly with candidates. It’s important to make sure the firm you choose is right for YOUR company. Choose carefully.